Chef Maria Grubb of San Juan's Gallo Negro at a pop-up dinner produced by La Pirata.

Chef Maria Grubb of San Juan's Gallo Negro at a pop-up dinner produced by La Pirata.

La Pirata is a New York–based agency by food writer Alicia Kennedy that produces events and provides content strategy for chefs, food businesses, and restaurants and bars. 

We have produced pop-up dinners, fundraisers, and conferences. Thanks to wide-reaching connections, we're able to assemble teams from farm to kitchen to bar to front of house that work together seamlessly, and can also bring in designers, DJs, and artists.

In addition to being able to put together events both large and small, we're able to provide a full-range of digital content strategy—whether it's social media or publicity.

event production

 Photo by SF Keough.

Photo by SF Keough.


Finding the right venue for an event is key. We've worked with numerous spaces in Brooklyn, specifically, with capacities that vary from as intimate as twenty-five and up to hundreds of people, such as The Brooklyn Kitchen, Friends and Lovers, Littlefield, and Archestratus. Whether you need a full kitchen production or will just need to bring food in to serve, we can choose the right space for your event and make all arrangements.

ingredient sourcing

If you're interested in a completely seasonal, local event, we're well-connected to farmers in the New York City area, as well as specialty shops. You give a shopping list; we get the goods. 


Assembling a team, especially for a one-off event, can be stressful, but whether you need cooks, servers, or bartenders, we can get the right people together for you.

menu consultation

No idea what to serve but have an upcoming event? We can figure out the right menu to perfectly match the tone and atmosphere you're after. 

day-of management

Need someone to run around with a clipboard making sure everything goes smoothly? That doesn't have to be you. Enjoy the event while all details are taken care of by a professional.

content strategy


social media

Creating a brand online can be tedious, but with the right help, a coherent Instagram feed, informative Facebook page, and engaging Twitter are possible. If you need a photo shoot, we'll connect with the right photographer and food stylist. For copy, we'll create posts for weeks or months at a time, depending on your needs. 


The best way to receive publicity for your brand or event is through targeted and personal connections with journalists. We've done event media collaborations with Edible Brooklyn, received coverage from New York Magazine's Grub Street, and been mentioned in the New York Times.