Alicia Kennedy, Food & Drink Writer


an extremely imprecise recipe for a tasty summer bean salad

Do you want a little bean salad you can make a lot of and then do whatever with, whenever you're hungry? You can take it outside. You can put it in a tortilla. You can smash it with a fork and put it on toast. The bean salad is your oyster. Here's one I like.

a can of chickpeas (or any other bean), drained
a hunk of red onion
an avocado
a handful of cilantro
pickled jalapeños
a roughly chopped clove of garlic
a hunk of lime
a drizzle of olive oil
flaky sea salt
nutritional yeast

1. Put all of these things in a bowl, as much or as little of any or all of them as you like.

2. Mix it up.

3. Eat it.